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"It is my great honor to endorse the ministry of Isaac and Alison Crawford. My wife and I have had the honor of knowing this couple for over 10 years. They are a great example of a solid marriage, Godly parents, authentic ministers, and true friends. When I think of this couple I think of character, friendship, and a real knowledge of Gods word. I would encourage any leader looking to have this kind of transparency grace their pulpit to highly consider Isaac and Alison Crawford.  I have had this couple minister multiple times at our church, Hope and Life Fellowship, and our people have always enjoyed, received and benefited from their ministry."

- Pastor Tony Brock, Hope and Life Church

The ministry of Isaac and Alison Crawford has blessed me over the last several years. You will experience encouragement, empowerment, and enlightenment, through their teaching of The Word of God! Learning about my Jewish roots has brought so much deeper understanding of commonly overlooked scriptures in the Old Testament. You will walk away with a fresh revelation of what Christ has done in fulfilling the law on our behalf!
— Jill, Talking Rock GA
What Alison taught at “A Walk Through The Feasts” was very impactful for me because it showed me how God had a plan for His Son from the very beginning. It was amazing to see how God would have his people celebrate each year what He had done, understand what He was doing and then learn about what is to come. This helped me to see that if God was so purposeful with His plans for Christ’s life that He is purposeful in my life too. I hope that you take the time to watch and learn from what Alison has to teach.
— Sheree Decouto, Women's Director, Fellowship Bible Church
Understanding the Sabbath has taught our family how to “rest”. Sometimes it means physical rest, but the greatest benefit was learning how to rest in God. We found that resting in God has allowed us to become more in tune with whatever God is trying to do in our lives. We have actually used the Sabbath day to teach our children the biblical aspects of the Sabbath in a kid friendly age appropriate way. With our children, we play many games and have plenty of family time with our focus being on Jesus Christ.
— The Stringer Family
IA Crafword Ministries has been ministering to our church family for 7+ years. The ministry of both Isaac and Alison Crawford has been a huge blessing to the body of Christ. Pastor Isaac’s preaching will stir you with a passion for the things of God and challenge you to seek a higher level of knowledge, wisdom, and insight. What I love most about Isaac and Alison is that they are not only dynamic teachers of the Word, they live by what they teach!
— Pastors Steve & Tina Clements, Cup of Life Church
Senior pastors van & Regina smith

Senior pastors van & Regina smith

Alison taught on the Feasts at our church and it really harmonized the Old and New Testaments together for us. It was amazing to see Jesus all throughout the Old Testament. This teaching brought the Word of God to life for us and our congregation really enjoyed the fresh understanding that they received. She showed how law and grace worked together, explained the Hebrew calendar and our covenants in the process. We can’t wait to study this more! We appreciate the years she put into developing this teaching. Anyone who wants to get a better understanding of this needs to have Alison come to their church.
— Sr Pastors Van & Regina Smith The Solid Rock of Atlanta
Sitting under the teaching ministries of both Alison & Isaac Crawford I gained revelatory insight and understanding of the Jewish roots of Christianity and the prophetic importance of the feasts and seasons of those roots. That insight changed everything for me in my walk with the Lord.

In addition, Isaac Crawford walks in an anointing to motivate and inspire people to walk in the plans and purposes God had designed for them As a result of Isaac’s encouraging teachings I was energized and propelled to seek and live out all the Lord has for me.
— Patty, Woodstock GA