Rediscovering Rest Weekend

Imagine a retreat where you returned home refreshed and restored, yet full of fresh new insights for achieving an ongoing healthy work life balance centered around God’s peace.  That is what Rediscovering Rest Weekends are all about!

A Rediscovering Rest weekend is perfect for marriage events, women’s events or ministry leadership teams. 

They are a terrific time of refreshing for relationships with God and with those he has placed in our lives.

How do you have one?

1. Find retreat style accommodations for either one night or two. It will need to be a place where people can relax and where we can have a few group sessions. Suggestions: a lodge or retreat style hotel.



retreat style hotel

retreat style hotel

2. Have everyone arrive before dinner on a Friday night, unpack and then gather at dinner for a meal and a Sabbath Experience to welcome in God’s presence and His Rest for the weekend. (Sabbath tables will need to be prepared banquet style so that everyone can participate in the experience.)

3. Everyone gets to sleep in and relax!  Psalms 34:8 says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”  It will be important for people to not just talk about God’s rest this weekend, but to experience it.  Some interactive relationship building activities can be offered, but it is to be a loosely structured time designed around refreshment.

 4. After lunch, some ministry time will be dedicated to educate people on the importance of a having a Sabbath mindset  and how to live rested in God’s presence.

 5. Before attendee’s depart, we will have a Sabbath closing ceremony in order to confirm what God has done and send  them off carrying His peace into the world.